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Post  Tim on Sun Mar 08, 2009 4:38 pm

Forum Rules


► #1 Don't spam. Spamming is defined as anything that does not contribute to the thread or the discussion. Spam can also be more than ten smiles or spam is also (EG: you can post in here about animals. Next post: Ok.) That is also spam. This forum is NOT a chat room, please do not use it like one. Take the time to think out your post and make sure you're spelling stuff right (or to the best of your ability). Before you post ask yourself "Is what I'm posting contributing to the discussion?". If the answer is NO, then don't make that post. If you find that your wonderful thread/post has been deleted, DO NOT REPOST IT. It was deleted for a reason.

► #2 No referral spam. Nobody here is going to give you referral points for free video games or money. Take your stupid adware ridden links someplace else. Posting them or adding them into your profile is grounds for an immediate ban.

►#3 No hacking discussion at all or ever. If you post links to websites that promote or describe how to hack, you will be Permabanned. Hacking and cheating will not be tolerated here, go somewhere else if you want to ruin the fun of the game.

► #4 No swearing or cussing in your posts. This goes for abbreviations that have bad words in them as well. There are cleaner ways to get your message across.

►#5 Please do not advertise. Don't make threads about your fantastic website/forum. You can put a link to it in your signature instead.

►#6 Don't be rude to other users (or the Staff). Be nice to other posters, if you see someone new, rather than make fun of him/her, why don't you offer to help them out and show them how the forums work? Also, please do not attack the Moderators (or their websites). The Moderators have a hard enough time dealing with all of the activity here on the forums, don't make it worse by making them feel bad. They are people too. We also understand that English is not everyone's first language and that some people naturally have a hard time reading and writing. If you see someone doing their best to be a good poster, we ask that you do not be rude to them.

► #7 Be careful about posting in old threads. You can post in any thread you like, but if the thread is really old make sure what you are posting is going to contribute to the discussion, such as a new discovery.

► #8 Don't whine and complain about things you do not agree with on the forums. If there is a problem with something, ANYTHING, don't throw your complaints all over the forums you may be removed from them, be mature about it.

► #9 Do not post "for" banned users. Banned users are banned for a reason, we do not want them posting here. Posting FOR them is the same thing as letting them have your account.

► #10 Don't post in hard to read colors. We know it's cool to style your posts, but there are some kinds of text that are very hard to read. Posting entirely in colors such as lime, yellow, white, cyan, pink, violet and aliceblue is very abrasive to some people's eyes and you will be asked to stop. This also goes for fancy scripts that let you post in rainbow colors and other shades. Don't do it. You CAN however, post in white if you are revealing a spoiler to a game or movie or something.

► #11 Do not respond to off topic posts or parts of one. Some people in there posts put "P.S puts off topic stuff" please do not respond to this it may turn one topic in to another one. To a person who does do this please repost it in the correct topic.

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